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Home Tips for showing and staging your home Make sure your home is ready for it’s debut!

Make sure your home is ready for it’s debut!


Is your home ‘Picture Perfect’?

In order to sell your home quickly you’ll need to let people see it.  Not only will you need to have photos either ready or ready to take, but you’ll need to have lots of them.  Buyers do most of their home searching online which means that your photos could be the difference between selling your home and sitting on your hands.

Get a jump start by taking photos of your home room by room as you get them looking great, or even hire a professional home staging expert to help you get that perfect look.  The first thing most buyers will see is your initial photo so make it a great one, if you know ahead of time that you’re going to list your home for sale during the winter take some photos during the summer with blue skies when the grass is still green…it makes for a much more appealing photo than one where you can barely see the house because of all the snow.

Honestly the number of photos you allow us to use of your home is up to you, but we would recommend at least 30 good quality shots and if you’re selling a luxury home go for over 60 and include some close ups of those great little details in your home.  Be sure to include 4-5 times more interior photos than exterior photos to get the biggest bang for your buck.  More photos can even mean more money!

Want to know more about why photos are important to sell your home?  Check out this great article:

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