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Home Tips for showing and staging your home Staging in Winter, what can you do!

Staging in Winter, what can you do!

Staging your home during the Winter!

Staging your home during the Winter!

Everything gets that warm and welcoming feel around the holidays so why not keep it going through  March when things outside are just white white white…that’s easy take a look at these 5 tips:

  1. Make it green, by adding wreaths and garlands.  The fresh pine smell is a great way to welcome people into your home.
  2. A bowl of fresh fruit on the table or of course some freshly baked cookies never hurts too, but if you’re offering these to the buyers make sure you have some milk on hand too and they may never want to leave.
  3. Simple floral arrangements, this is not only great for the fragrance but also it shows you care enough about your home to add a little extra touch.  For larger rooms you may want to go with something more dramatic.
  4. Fill your home with smells no one could turn down, be careful that these aromas aren’t too strong you don’t want to offend or overwhelm them just make it a hint of something delightful but avoid common allergens like cinnamon.


I’ve just realized that almost all of these relate to making your home smell delicious…I must be hungry. But it is true, have you ever visited someone’s house and it smelled like stale air or old gym socks…lets make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

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