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Home Tips for showing and staging your home You painted it WHAT COLOR!?!

You painted it WHAT COLOR!?!

1063592_58027857It’s been known for years that colors invoke emotions, and according to Realtor Magazine, they’ve decided what the worst colors are to use in a home…For example Emerald is the color of 2013…but there are so many shades….it could be a trap you could pay for!

For example did you know it’s been proven that babies cry more in yellow rooms!  I know, you wish I’d told you that years ago when your firstborn was in tears constantly.  How about yellow kitchens…yup you guessed it, there are more marital arguments in yellow kitchens!

Chocolate brown and Tiffany blue was a hit for years but now they’re a bit dated, but by adding a new color to the mix or even some metallics you can recover from what could be a color disaster!

And while you may like an all white kitchen because you feel it’s fresh and clean it’s getting overdone and growing very dull.  Add some spice with the color of your dishes or pull in a color from an adjacent space to help tie the room together.


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